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  • Company code

    : HRB 26554 
  • Company title

    : PerfeQt GmbH
  • Federal state

    : (unknown)
  • City

    : Wiesbaden
  • Application date

    : 2012-09-10
  • Registration date (by court)

    : 2012-09-19, on september 19, on wednesday registered companies in Germany
  • Internet website

    : (unknown)
  • E-mail

    : (unknown)
  • Phone

    : (unknown)
  • Fax

    : (unknown)
  • Industry branch, business category

    : (unknown)
  • Description of the business activity

    : die Beratung von Unternehmen im Risikomanagement und Qualitätsmanagement einschließlich der dazu erforderlichen Schulungs- und Trainingsmaßnahmen.

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Address of the company:

  1. DE
    Post code:   65185

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Company historical / previous names

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